Motel Rocks Street Team Stylist Hunt


So I've entered the Street Team Stylist competition with MOTEL ROCKS, and I thought I'd share with you lovely people my entries. Wish me luck! Would kill for this, love motel! All the Mood boards were made by myself on Photoshop, I have no rights to the images used besides the ones of myself and the drawings I personally drew in the night time mood board. 
Street Team Stylist Hunt
Task #1 - Day

 Dusk Til Dawn - DAY TIME
This outfit would be perfect for a summers day out and about. This paisley outfit is soo lush, I really want it but it's out of stock :( Piece the outfit together with a lovely Cambridge   satchel and multi coloured pastel nails. Perfect.

Street Team Stylist Hunt 
Task #2 - Night

Dusk Til Dawn - NIGHTIME
This outfit I think would be perfect for any night out on the town. I love the burlesque red colouring in the lipstick and the bag because being a big fan of black clothing I need some sort of colour in my outfits! Gold jewellery ties it all together and the chunky Topshop shoes with a brown heel gives the outfit a twist. WOULD love to buy this dress, waiting for it to come back in stock (cumon!) It's my favourite dress I've seen in a VERY long time, so up my street.

Street Team Stylist Hunt
Task #3 - Motel My Way

Street Team Stylist Hunt
Task #4 - Summer Forecast

Summer Forecast - Draft
This was my first draft for the summer forecast, but I felt as though this was more current fashion not what I thought the summer would be full of! So I soon changed the design completely.(That is me in the very fetching playsuit!)

Summer Forecast - Bohemian Fashion
Right, so this is the finished mood board! I love Bohemian fashion, and I think it's something that will forever be in fashion when it's summer. From music festivals to  holidays, everyday sports some bohemian clothing in the summer months. The bold colours to the earthy tones always make an appearance and Aztec never gets old. This year I predict that it will be taken to a new level, thanks to the style icons of Vanessa Hudgens & The Olsen sisters we have a great outline of what is to come. In this mood board are two pictures of me (cringe) wearing a flower head piece and a paisley print dress with bowler hat. This is just the start of my summer wardrobe and can't wait to keep buying more "hippy"  inspired garments!

So that's all my tasks done, phew, that has taken some time! Hope it's all worth it :) Would love to know what you think.

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  1. The moodboards are all so pretty! <3

  2. i love all these looks, especially task 2! i could definitely see myself wearing something similar, i have a bit of a black obsession.
    sara x

  3. Goood luck baby !! great mood boards!

  4. your mood boards are amazing. Best of luck

  5. your mood boards are amazing, best of luck! Also I love your hair, its amazing. So jealous, fabulous blog so I am definitely following :) x

  6. check out my blog & follow if you like :)


  7. This looks amazing, I love motel rocks such pretty designs x

  8. wow, those are amazing, i've literally been staring at all of them for half an hour <3


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