Little adventure to Lagos!


Lagos, Portugal. June 07-14 2013
This summer myself & 7 friends jetted off to Portugal for our group holiday. We went to the lovely little Lagos for a week of sun & fun! We had an amaaaazing time & have loads of photos of all the memories. However, I have put together this post about not only my holiday but the fashion/accessories that came with it! Be aware that it's a long post, full of loads of photos!

Before going on holiday I always treat myself to a few things, whether I need them or not. This year I was a bit boring and just got a few basics! Firstly I'll start with swimwear. I've bought two bikinis, both heavily patterned.

Left - H&M bought a while ago around £15 for both / Right - Primark £3 Bottoms, £4 Top

Image from Style magazine

Love both of these items! The Primark one is my favourite, it fits really well and has such a lovely pattern on it but I don't really have any photos of me wearing it :(
I looove the H&M one as well,  the pattern is so cute. I bought this for a holiday last year and it's lasted me well. This is a photo of me & alex on our amazing roof terrace! My friend rosy is wearing a lovely American Apparel  swimsuit in this picture. How amazing does she look in it!

This was taken on our Boat tour of all the pretty, amazing grottos that are out at sea!  Rosy was just having a sun bathe because we were very thankful for some sun that day as it was so miserable :( From that day onwards though, amazing weather! Clear blue skies. 

Primark rucksack - £9

Absolutely love this bag! Was so handy on holiday. Literally took it everywhere! Perfect for the beach, shopping, everything. The little compartments at the front are great for your purse, phone or cameras! For £9  I have absolutely no complaints. I advise everybody to check out Primark's bag collection at the moment, very nice stuff.

Dress from River Island £25

Treated ourselves to a braid or two. Lovely little woman named Sonia had a stall selling handmade bracelets, earrings and other trinkets that she'd crafted. She was so cute. 

Whilst in Lagos, I discovered very quickly that the jewellery was not only really nice but very cheap! I am such a sucker for a bargain, especially when it's accessories. 
The three bracelets with the charms were 3 for 5! So cheap! Love the charms so much and the colours are so summery.
The large stoned necklace is on a long chain and was one of my most worn items on holiday and will continue to be back home! The little stone necklace looks so cute on its own or as a part of a big collection, such a lovely piece. 
My fav item is the stone bracelet, such a bargain and such a lovely design. These three items were all... €3 each!! Amazing. So happy I found this little stall!

Got these earrings before the holiday. The first gold pair are £8 from River Island, they're really heavy so I can't really wear them for that long! The silver pair were.. £1 from New Look sale. Love them, and they match all my new jewels from Lagos! 

All the girls together :) Outside our villa

I'm wearing some trousers which I purchases for 10 from a stall, they're so comfy and I know i'll wear them all the time to chill in at home!

On our last night I had the nicest nachos ever at our local "pub" Lazy Jacks. The first night Jade & Joanna cooked the biggest, most amazing Sunday dinner! All the trimmings, was so good. The paella was made by myself & Alex when it was our turn to cook dinner. Yum yum yum, such nice food this holiday!

First night out on the raz, when my hair was pink. On the right photo I'm wearing a tie dye dress which I made myself for my clothing line HIGHTILWEDYE, i'll be doing a post on that soon but you can find some on my items on ASOS marketplace. 

Tourist photos!
Lovely little shop that sold loads of crockery! All hand painted and so cute. The middle photo is on the town centre, such a lovely little town with singers and bands playing. A few souvenirs that I wanted but wouldn't be able to fit in my case home :(

The cutest dream catcher stall. 

Few photos from nights out whilst on holiday.

shots shots shots shots
Our favourite bar, REDEYE.

On the beach.

In da clubs.

I had such an amazing time! We all got far too drunk and sunbathed all day, it was perffffff. Really missing being all together and sharing our lovely villa. Also miss borrowing jades clothes hehe. The weather was amazing, first few days were miserable but we got past this and just slept it out inside. Went on some lovely walks through the towns & ate out a few times. Missing our local pub where we got our breakfast from!
I am lucky to have such a lurrrvly bunch of girls! Can't stop listening to McFly either now :(

Hope your summer is going as good as mine :)



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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Love the primark bikini and rucksack!

  2. Looks like a lovely break!! Fancy following each other via gfc??

  3. This post was such a treat :) It seems like you had so much fun. I can't wait until I'm old enough to travel with friends!


  4. You have an amazing blog! did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo

  5. love the pattern bikins!:) the one from primark looks so good for the money!xxx


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