The run through:

After making the gift wrap boxes back in December for Christmas presents I thought I'd try something new and BIGGER. Mum gave me this old, scratched table that has been gathering dust in the garage for years and when I saw it I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it, COVER IT IN PICTURES. I have a Company subscription so I have a few magazines just lying around my room, after flicking through I decided to use Feb & March editions as they had the spring/summer trends and that was the theme I wanted - floral, pretty girl colours. Pastels, floral prints, flowers, neons and metallics are the main themes on the table. I'd suggest picking a theme otherwise it's just going to look a bit too crazy!

So, after cleaning down the table I got to work with cutting out my favourite parts of the magazines. From models to butterfly prints I spent a good hour sorting through them and slowly creating a pile of material to use.

I decided to use Mod Podge with added glitter, as I had read good reviews about it and LOVE glitter so thought it would look even better with a bit of sparkle. It's so easy to use, and cheap. The bottle I used cost about £6, then the sponge brushes were about £2. All you do is give it a little stir then apply it in the same way as PVA glue, as to be honest, Mod Podge is just posh PVA! 

Before gluing anything down I played around with layouts and ways to construct the top of the table. Once I was happy I just pushed it all off and went crazy. I think it's best not to plan too much and just layer as you go along.

I used the glue to stick the images down first and then using the larger sponge applied a thin layer of the glue over the top to secure it and give the glitter finish. 

After spinning the table round and cutting pieces out the magazines to fit perfectly to each table leg etc, I was finally finished after a good two/three hours of work.  The glue dried SO quickly, so it was ready to use almost 15 minutes after finishing. I would recommend leaving it for a good hour though just to make sure it's all dry. I went over the whole thing and re applied glue to the bits lacking glitter or needing securing again.
After waiting for it to dry, I placed it at the end of the bed and added a few trinkets to the table to create the cutest magazine inspired table everrrrrrrr.

Would love to hear what you think so leave comments please :) xoxo

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  1. This looks so cool! You are very talented xo

  2. interesting idea!
    Mind to follow each other on GFC, FB, Twitter?

    have blessed day!

  3. This actually looks amazing! I might do this to my bedside table, its looking a bit worn down ahaa xx

    1. Do it! Seriously, it's so much fun as well! Trying to find other things around the house to do. If you do it make sure you lemme know, would love to see what it looks like :) xx

  4. this looks great ! so inventive!

    kitty xx

  5. Wow this is the first blog I have came across to create something so unique, this is amazing !! D: love it, I would like to try this so nice, lovely blog and I really like your hair colour very pretty do you use manic panic to colour? x

    1. Thanks! That's so lovely :))

      Nope, I used Crazy Colour - Lavender! :)


  6. Great idea, I like it!Lovely blog, what about following each other?

  7. that is the coolest thing ever I love it! might have to steal your idea?
    Becca xx

    1. Seriously do it! It's actually good fun as well lol xx

  8. Love this !
    D.I.Y is the best thing you could do it's so satisfactory and fun!

  9. I absolutely love this, I will definitely be trying it myself.

    Your blog is just fantastic, love it.

    New follower, would love if you could follow back!



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