Kos Town

Asklepieion sacred hospital


The lovely village of Zia

Just arrived back from a wonderful week away in the little greek island of Kos, with these 4 lovely looking ladies. 

"Why would you want to go to Kos?"

I have been asked this question, and I know it's one a fair few people may have in their heads when it's mentioned. Kos of course has been in the media a lot in recent months and has the stigma of being 'full of immigrants' attached to it. Newspapers are reporting on how to cancel your holiday, the decline of interest in the island and of course the Daily Mail report that holidaymakers are branding the migrant problem on the island as 'awkward' and 'a nightmare.' Obviously, that is not true. It is a only a nightmare for the refugees in search for safety, not those in search for a good holiday.

Witnessing the few families we saw sat helplessly waiting outside the police station and knowing the extreme measures and costs that some have succumbed to, was really difficult to walk past. Only because we felt such sorrow and worry about what happens next for them, not because it's 'awkward'. It's eye opening, but it's not a problem that as holiday go-ers you should feel could ruin your time away, as in fact once you leave Kos town, there are absolutely no signs of despair. 

Of course the other issue on everybody's mind is the money crisis, again, it's not all so true. Our tour guide explained up how the crisis has not noticeably effected the islands of Greece, only mainland. She thanked us for choosing Kos as our holiday destination as it is keeps businesses alive and supports the economy. Also after speaking to those who owned a particular bar we went too, it seems the people of Kos love British tourists (god knows why). 

There is so much to do on this island and so many amazing places to visit, avoiding 'brit' based restaurants and hot spots such as 'Paradise beach' are the biggest recommendations I can give if you want to enjoy Greece at its full potential. The local food is AMAZING. We stayed in Kefalos, which is the furthest village away from Kos town at the complete opposite end of the island. There are only pro's about being so far away from the town absolutely no cons. This village was traditional and quite, it had everything you needed right on your door step. Beach, food, shops, bed. No loud tourists, no flashing lights, no crowded sandy beaches and no english breakfasts (ok, maybe a few on offer but easily avoided). 

If you are having doubts about booking Kos, you really shouldn't. The photos really speak for themselves, the island is boooootiful, full of history and full of lovely people. It was a little slice of heaven that we all absolutely loved and are definitely considering another visit in the near future.

Go and explore, you won't be disappointed :)

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  1. Wonderful post and beautiful photos! I'm going to Greece next month and can't wait! It's great your honest in the post and it definitely wouldn't put me off! xxx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. It's so lovely! Have an amazing time :) thank you xx


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