VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - The Vanity in Charity


Creative writing piece from my 2nd year of University. We had to create a visual editorial piece, which was from our own point of view and drawn from our opinions not facts. I really enjoyed this piece of work as there were no rules on what you should write or how, there were no references needed and we were allowed to be as creative as we liked.

I chose to look at the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Africa Campaign and how I felt about it. The piece I created was called "The Vanity in Charity" because I felt this campaign was very much based around how we as consumers act on the word "ethical". This campaign was very popular, but it didn't impress me as I talk at length in the article, in fact I found it really boring, predictable and insulting to those who were behind making the products. 

The design was created so it could be scrolled on an iPad.

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